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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Goals This Holiday Season

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In keeping with the spirit of my favorite time of year, I wanted to do a quick post with simple ways to maintain your goals this Holiday Season. This is the time of year where parties seem endless and the food is plentiful. If you go into this Season with a PLAN you will succeed! It is that simple.

Year after ...

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Pumpkin Spice Pecan Nut Butter Recipe: A Cost Efficient Alternative to Expensive Store-bought Brands

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MMMM! Who doesn’t love nut butters? They pack good healthy fats and many benefits. I love using nut butter in my morning breakfast and with organic sliced apples as a snack. The options are endless and its a perfect addition to recipes or to help curb a craving.

A good quality nut butter that is not full of junk, sugar or ...

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