Alexander Poptodorov, N.D., CNHP, CHS, CNC, NSCA-CPT
Ashley Poptodorov, CPT, CCO, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
Proud Owners of A+A Wellness

The passion behind A+A Wellness doesn’t just come from ‘textbook’ knowledge but from the personal experience of having created powerful changes of their own. Alex was able to reverse severe panic, anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression with the use of proper nutrition and lifestyle modification resulting in him coming off of 5 psychiatric medications.

Alex initially helped Ashley learn how to overhaul her own lifestyle through a thorough holistic approach. This included a huge focus not only on lifestyle modifications but on addressing deep rooted emotional pain. Ashley started her own journey at 208 pounds and successfully lost 80 pounds. She knows firsthand what it takes to set a goal and to have the discipline, focus and drive to reach it.

With years of knowledge, thousands of clients helped over the past 12 years through A+A Wellness and their own powerful testimonies, this is a team that knows what it takes and CARES enough to help guide you to reaching your personal goals.

Alex is a Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Health Specialist and Certified Nutritional Counselor as well as an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.
His passion is to promote health and well being through the use of Traditional Naturopathy, proper lifestyle modification, nutrition and proper physical exercise.

Ashley is a Certified Personal Trainer, Chief Communications Officer, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker with a passion for encouraging, motivating and inspiring Team A+A Wellness to reach their goals and achieve the highest level of belief in themselves. In addition to training clients and offering her motivating life coaching sessions, Ashley has had the opportunity to speak among gifted speakers such as Lisa Whelchel, David Wolfe, Brian Tracy and many more.

If you are looking for a husband and wife team that love each other, love The Lord and love helping people achieve total health and well being, A+A Wellness is your team.