One-on-One Personal Training

This is a wonderful option for those new to weight training or those individuals who have never worked with a fitness professional. Private instruction with your A+A Wellness Coach will ensure you learn the proper form and knowledge needed to carry out exercises safely and effectively. See below for all of the amazing inclusions in a one to one private training package.

Small group personal training

This is a fantastic option for those looking for a more affordable way to enjoy all of the same wonderful offerings of A+A Wellness. Our small groups are a minimum of 2 individuals to a maximum of 5 individuals (we schedule based on YOUR availability.) The small group setting is perfect for motivating each other and creating new friendships and relationships.

Accountability Program

This program is a great mix between our on-line program and personal training program. This is a wonderful option for the busy individual who is self motivated to workout, time crunched for regular weekly scheduling, and/or budget minded.  You get the support and accountability without cost, scheduling, weekly training.

These lifestyle programs include:

  • Custom Nutritional Protocol
  • Custom Supplemental Protocol
  • Individualized exercise plan based on your needs and goals.
  • 1 hour one-on-one Assessment – Functional Movement Screen & 9-site BodyFat analysis, & proper dynamic warm-up
  • 1 hour session of exercise demonstration
  • Bi-Weekly or Monthly Body Fat analysis measurements & reassessments.
  • Unlimited email and text support

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In Home Training

A+A Wellness brings the convenience of our top-notch lifestyle program right to your doorstep. With our in home training packages, you will have the comfort and convenience of working out in your own home.

All in home training packages include:

  • A custom meal plan
  • Educational grocery trip
  • Email/text support
  • All A+A Wellness ebooks and access to our Members only site

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Pregnancy Fitness

Are you an expecting Mommy or are you just trying to get fit before you get pregnant? At A+A Wellness we KNOW the importance of a healthy pregnancy. We are very knowledgeable in guiding you all the way to a FIT AND HEALTHY PREGNANCY. Staying fit throughout your pregnancy is shown to improve your labor, energy and overall mood- let us help YOU do all of the above.

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

This program is perfect for the time crunched individual or the busy traveler. Now offering the known results of A+A Wellness anywhere in the world. We offer online fitness and nutrition protocols that are sure to help YOU maximize your goals.

These programs include:

  • Custom meal plan and workout design
  • Full metabolic/toxicity assessment
  • Unlimited email/text support with your Coaches Alex and Ashley
  • Inclusion in our Members only section
  • Access to all of our A+A Wellness healthy lifestyle ebooks.

We offer online coaching levels based on your specific needs and budget. Call today for your free consultation with A+A Wellness or Contact Us with our online form.

Custom Nutritional Plans

No matter what your level of health, A+A Wellness offers completely customized nutritional plans to help you gain control of your health and complete your lifestyle program. Each person is an individual and at A+A Wellness you are treated as such. Watch as your body starts to change, your energy increases and your self confidence soars through the implementation of our A+A Nutritional Wellness plans.

Speaking Engagements

Alex and Ashley are a dynamic duo that would greatly enjoy speaking to your group. A+A Wellness hosts various seminars, workshops, conferences and corporate wellness seminars including to Whole Foods and Aarons, Inc. If you are looking for an engaging presentation on health and wellness please contact A+A today via the contact form on this website.

Healthy Home Detox program

Let A+A Wellness educate you on all of the toxins in your home. Alex and Ashley take you through each room in your home and educate you about cleaning products, foods, cookware and more. Not only do they educate you on the TOXINS hiding in your home, they show you their favorite replacements for each.

We live in a world that constantly bombards you with toxins. Let A+A Wellness teach you how to eliminate them from your living space.