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Elisha B

Wedding Ready

Elisha Elisha Elisha

In January 2016, I began a journey to lose weight just as most women seem to do when they’re about to squeeze into a flowing white wedding gown! Along the way I’ve discovered so much about myself, about my relationship with food, as well as about food itself! Upon starting my journey, I worked closely with a personal trainer and her husband at aandawellness.com who is an N.D. (Naturopath), possessed a wealth of knowledge about food and supplements. Together they created a diet plan and workout program for me that I continue to follow to this day! I was headstrong and fully committed all the way to wedding day!

After our wedding day, I was tempted to sneak back into all my old habits and settle comfortably into marriage, also as many women tend to do, but something had changed in me. This was something much more than just weight loss and weddings. I had not only gained self-esteem from my new physique, but I had gained better mental health. I had also suffered from stomach ulcers, IBS, esophageal spasms, back pain and all of that was gone! I came to realize that I was getting out of my body what I put into it! I gained 10 pounds over the summer in adjustment to the move, finding a routine within the context of larger family, having a house full of teens that seem to be able to eat anything and everything without much consequence, and finding a gym that was going to provide me with the challenges I needed to continue seeing progress!

Another thing occurred when I started attending Orange Theory Fitness in West Cobb I had previously walked on a treadmill 5 days a week, but I refused to run. I had it in my mind that even though I had been a track star in Middle and High school, the 30 years of smoking (quit 4.5 years ago) would keep me from ever running again! I now circuit train at least 4 days a week! I’ve gone from a 12 minute mile to a 6.5 minute mile. Point being, never give up! Have faith and by prayer and petition submit your requests to God, then do what’s required of you!


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