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6 Key Benefits to Strength Training by Alex & Ashley Poptodorov

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A&A Wellness2953

There are so many incredible benefits to strength training. When most of our clients initially come to us for coaching and personal training they are surprised to find out that we do not incorporate ‘running’ into our routine. You see, strength training offers so many benefits that after 45 minutes to an hour you can ...

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Weight loss vs. Fat loss and why you WANT nice lean muscle- A+A Wellness, East Cobb & Roswell Personal Trainer and Nutrition Experts

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I am really excited about this post! It is time to clear up the misconceptions behind the “fear” of building muscle. This is something  I cover daily with our team and it is an article that I hope helps to shed some light. There is a big difference between weight loss and FAT loss. I will go in-depth on this as well.

One common concern I hear daily is women ...

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