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5 Things That Could Be Stunting Your Fat Loss Goals: Ashley Poptodorova

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When it comes to reaching FAT loss goals (notice I did not just say ‘weight loss’) it takes working “smarter” and not harder. As a Health Coach, these are the top 5 areas that I notice people fail at reaching their fat loss goals.

Our next series for our ‘Inner Circle’ Members will be on how to strategically approach these areas ...

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Weight loss vs. Fat loss and why you WANT nice lean muscle- A+A Wellness, East Cobb & Roswell Personal Trainer and Nutrition Experts

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I am really excited about this post! It is time to clear up the misconceptions behind the “fear” of building muscle. This is something  I cover daily with our team and it is an article that I hope helps to shed some light. There is a big difference between weight loss and FAT loss. I will go in-depth on this as well.

One common concern I hear daily is women ...

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