5 Things That Could Be Stunting Your Fat Loss Goals: Ashley Poptodorova

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When it comes to reaching FAT loss goals (notice I did not just say ‘weight loss’) it takes working “smarter” and not harder. As a Health Coach, these are the top 5 areas that I notice people fail at reaching their fat loss goals.

Our next series for our ‘Inner Circle’ Members will be on how to strategically approach these areas so that you can once and for all stop struggling with fat loss and start experiencing success. It is not normal to be low on energy, put on gradual weight and suffer from poor health. With some time and attention to these areas, you can experience a great improvement on your overall health and fat loss goals.

  1. YOU ARE TRYING TO OUT EXERCISE POOR NUTRITION: No matter how much or how hard you exercise, you can’t compensate for poor nutrition. This is one area where people assume they will lose ‘fat’ but unless you are approaching it as a lifestyle whole including changing the way you eat, you will not reach your desired fat loss goals. This is why (when asked) I always mention to people that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’.
  2. YOU ARE NOT EATING ENOUGH OR THE RIGHT AMOUNTS: Again, nutrition. So many people assume they are eating healthy but are either not eating enough and then binging from hunger OR you are eating the right healthy foods in the wrong amounts. What and how you time your nutrition is key to reaching goals ESPECIALLY when you have set specific fat loss goals. Learning how to eat not only the right foods but the right amounts is essential to your success.
  3. YOU ARE BUYING INTO THE FAD DIETS: Fat-free, sugar-free, less saturated fat, baked not fried, low sodium and low carb products are flying off the shelves. People assume that they can eat these foods without any negative effects on their bodies when in fact, the opposite is often true. The manufacturer’s often replace the fat or other ingredients with sugar, artificial sweeteners, salt, MSG, artificial flavours and other unhealthy additives. These highly processed foods create increased hunger, less satisfaction and consistent cravings and can wreak havoc on your fat loss goals.
  4. YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH: Again, this is one area where I have seen people mess up time and time again. Sleep is not only essential to rebuild and repair but it is a key component to helping your body metabolize and break down fat. There are chemical reactions that take place in the body which if interrupted can cause you to become a fat STORING machine (not quite what you are looking for) and will stunt your goals of fat loss. Staying up late watching television screens or laptop screens or phones can prove to make it harder to get a good nights rest and ultimately, stop you from the fat burning process.
  5. YOUR LIFESTYLE DOES NOT MATCH YOUR GOALS: Turning your body into a fat burning machine requires that you create healthy lifestyle habits to support this. Things such as not sleeping, staying up late (often), partying hard, consuming large amounts of alcohol and processed foods and not allowing yourself time for proper and adequate rest will wreak havoc on your overall health and especially when it comes to fat loss. Couple this with chronic stress and you become a ticking time bomb. The goal is to start to build gradual steady healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine (we show you how on the Inner Circle) and you will experience the success, health and energy your body craves and desires.

So many people try to make a ‘healthy lifestyle’ fit their current habits and ways of doing things and this simply does not work. Achieving a healthy lifestyle and becoming a fat burning machine is actually way more simple and basic than people assume but it requires you to lay down some old habits and pick up some new ones. With time, effort, dedication and patience (of course) you WILL find yourself experiencing success much quicker than you can imagine!

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