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Healthy Shopping at Costco

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Oh boy! I am so stoked for this post! I have been wanting to do a great blog on all of the healthy foods you can purchase at Costco. Yes, for those who know me, you know I LOVE Whole Foods but Alex and I also love to load up on all of our ‘basics’ at Costco. Especially now that we are both competing together in October and loading up on more protein than most, LOL!

Below is a list of some ...

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RECIPES- Stuffed peppers, scalloped potatoes and grain/peanut/gluten free chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

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Hello fitness friends and nutrition enthusiasts!

I have to say, I am super excited about this blog post!! I prepared this delicious and savory meal and it took a total prep time of 15 minutes (for the dinner portion only!) This meal packs in flavor and taste without sacrificing health.

Each item has been carefully modified so that you can enjoy all of the flavor, taste and delightfulness without guilt! Not to mention, the dessert recipe for grain free/gluten-free/peanut free/GUILT FREE chocolate ...

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