Use the fall and winter months to get in the best shape of your life! :)

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Hello Fitness friends!

Alex and I just  LOVE this time of year, something about the fall weather and the “feel” in the air that just screams HOLIDAYS! Most people tend to “fall” off during this time of year when it comes to reaching their fitness and nutrition goals. However, I am hoping that you reconsider your options this upcoming Holiday season after reading this post. There is so much you can do during this time of year to gain momentum! It all depends on how much you want to reach your goals.

The fall and winter months are the time  of year that goals usually get shuffled under the rug. However, these are actually the BEST months to workout!! Did you know that this weather is actually shown to increase energy? This is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and get active! Whether you take a brisk walk, a bike ride or exercise with your trainer,  the weather is PERFECT!

The second reason this is the best time to workout is TIME. Most people tend to get a little bit more “off time” during these months. Take advantage of your free time and extra days off to commit to your goals! Not only will you feel better and be steps closer to your goals, this “workout” time will give you the needed ENERGY to rock your Holiday “to do” list!

You can propel yourself towards your goals starting NOW! At the very least, you can maintain so come January, you don’t have an extra 10 pounds on top of what you already want to lose. This time of year includes more family get togethers and parties than any other time of year. FOOD is a common staple at every party and it truly makes it tougher to maintain or reach goals. However, if you want it bad enough … YOU CAN! All it takes is a little bit of planning and research.

Start considering healthy Holiday options and recipes! You can set the pace by bringing your “clean eating” goodies to these Holiday parties. Not only will your options cause the party goers to rave but they will allow you to enjoy the Holidays while still enjoying delicious options. What a great feeling! Enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of the Holidays ALL while reaching your goals!

For example, instead of noshing on buckets of Halloween candy,  opt to pass out healthier options so the “junk” is not in your home. Remember, if the temptation is there, you will likely give in to it.

I would suggest sticking to a Holiday TO DO list. At the top of the list put your daily workout and keep a nutritional log. Allow yourself limited cheat meals and options throughout the week. Remember, this is all about balance and a healthy LIFESTYLE. Restriction only leads to failure. You can enjoy healthier choices and options throughout the Holidays but keep your goals at the top of your list and do something small each day to reach those goals! Come January, you will be refreshed and ready to ROCK!!

Here are some other quick considerations to help you in building momentum this Holiday season:

**If you are the one doing the cooking/baking EAT BEFOREHAND! If you are hungry… YOU will be your own best taste tester! Before you know it there will be “knocks at the door” and no Holiday cookies! UGH OH! Eat some fresh fruit beforehand or a fresh vibrant salad. The hungrier you are when you bake the more you will eat and the worse you will feel later! Make sure you are satiated prior to baking in the kitchen.

**Get plenty of rest! Keep in mind that you can only do what you can do. Keep the pressure off by setting a reasonable “to do” list each day and staying within your limits. Rest peacefully each night (YOU BURN TONS OF FAT THIS WAY!!) and you will be rested to tackle the whole Holiday season with energy!

**BYOK- BRING YOUR OWN KOMBUCHA! Did you know that sugary alcoholic drinks are responsible for LOADS of calories and gained weight each Holiday season? This does not mean you can’t enjoy the Holiday spirits, just do so in moderation! Allow yourself one (or two depending on how much you typically drink) beverages and then switch to the Kombucha! If you have not heard of this fermented drink.. YOU MUST TRY IT! It has a taste and carbonation similar to a wine cooler. This “wonder” drink is loaded with good healthy for your belly! Now you can enjoy this (put it in a glass for the placebo effect!) while doing something good for that body of yours!

Remember friends, this is a time of year to enjoy friends, family and gatherings as well as good food! There are SO many awesome blogs/sites with clean eating fall and winter recipes. You CAN enjoy the Holidays while respecting your body AND your goals! Just set your boundaries. WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS and commit to a HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON!

As we creep into October, these are some things to be thinking about. Proper preparation prevents failure!

Here is to a beautiful fall and upcoming Holiday season!
In health,
Alex and Ashley

A+A Wellness

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