Step 4 of Proper Goal Setting: Doing the Right Things Right.

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As a Fitness Professional the one thing I come across MOST when dealing with new clients is that they are often times doing the right thing the WRONG way. When it comes to reaching goals, it is so important to have the pieces properly lined up for success.

This will probably be the shortest post in this series but I want to share with you how to do the RIGHT thing the RIGHT way when it comes to exercise and your nutrition. These are very general outlines and more specific application is available through our individualized coaching programs but for those looking to do it themselves, this will help save you ALOT of time, effort and frustration.


So many people are making the right choices but with the wrong portions, amounts and timing of their nutrients. No matter how well meaning you are, this wreaks complete havoc on your goals! As a general rule of thumb, it is important to aim for smaller meals, more often. Taking it a step further, aim to fuel up on protein and veggies at night time instead of carb loading just before bed.

Basically, carbs are not bad but starving yourself all day or eating light durning the day and packing in carbs at night is totally backwards.

You are much better off starting with an A+A Wellness Functional Superfood Smoothie for breakfast (just an example!) and a healthy lunch of a protein, vegetable and good healthy complex carb like a sweet potato or yam. At night, a nice protein and veggies or a large vibrant salad with protein will set your body up to burn FAT as fuel instead of packing fat overnight. Sneak in between some healthy snacks of veggies and hummus or raw nuts and you are creating a fat burning machine. I don’t think I have met a person yet who wouldn’t love that!

Make sense? In the body, everything comes down to simple science and making these seemingly small changes will add up to GIANT results! I posted links to our smoothie eBook, salads eBook and dips and dressings eBook for inspiration!


This is a place that I see so many people trip up on and I am determined to help you avoid this pitfall (you can thank me later, lol!).

I see so many people who eat before cardio or do cardio before weights or weight train without eating… your body needs different types of fuel depending on the exercise you are doing and this is called working SMARTER (not harder!).

ALWAYS do cardio on an empty stomach! The more you do cardio on an empty tummy, the more your body will utilize your fat storage as fuel. Again, who doesn’t love that!?

Here are some scenarios that will help you with the proper timing and order of nutrients surrounding your exercise.

If you are only doing cardio: do it on an empty stomach either first thing in the am (you can have green tea or your coffee if you like) OR if you can’t do it until later in the day, try to have no food for 2 hours prior. This gives your glycogen stores time to empty so that when you hit your cardio you do so utilizing FAT as fuel!

If you are only weight training: my suggestion is to eat 1-1.5 hours prior (a good healthy protein and complex carb) and also within an hour AFTER. WHY? Because you are going to need this energy source for the weights and getting the much needed post workout nutrients is key for properly helping to rebuild and repair! You do this correctly and you will see greater gains surrounding your efforts!

If you are doing both in one workout: EAT, weight train and THEN do cardio AFTER. You can do a light 10 min warmup on a cardio machine but do NOT do your cardio before weights. The key is to fill your glycogen (energy stores) and deplete them during weights as fuel. After weights hit the cardio so your body utilizes FAT as fuel.

It all comes down to doing the RIGHT things the right way! Keep in mind that it may take your body time to adapt to this but again, it is working smarter and will allow your body to tap into fat storage for energy. You nail this and you will see gains!

If you haven’t seen our posted sample workouts and cardio plans, I uploaded them for you! CLICK HERE to get your workout plans.

Also, if you have questions simply stop over to the ‘Ask Alex & Ashley’ thread to post your questions.

Proud of you as always and here if you need anything….








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