Practical Ways to Positively Change Your Daily Habits to Achieve Success

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Daily habits. We all have them. What do your daily habits say about you? Organized? Disorganized? Driven? Structured? Successful? Haphazard?
One thing I learned early on in my journey to getting healthy is that my DAILY ROUTINE had to improve. I had to selectively replace bad habits with healthy habits. I had to change my day to day routine to set myself up for success.

Alex & I have been so blessed to help hundreds and hundreds of people over the past decade. We quickly observed some things when speaking with people about their daily routines, lives and goals. Those who achieved long lasting success were those who were willing to make changes and adapt to their new way of living instead of trying to mold their “healthy lifestyle” into their current lifestyle (or daily routine).
You see, here is the truth of it, most people do not struggle because of “food” alone. Many times, it is their overall routine that needs some tweaking. With some minor adjustments and careful observations of your daily habits, success is possible!

Get ready, grab a pen and lets knock this out together. Take notes, make some observations of where you are and lets go through this step by step. At the end of each point I am going to challenge you with a question. Answer as boldly and truthfully as you can and lets start creating some POSITIVE CHANGE.

I am giving you some golden nuggets that Alex and I use when Coaching our team as well as our own personal experience in having to change our daily routine. These suggestions will help you gain perspective, properly set goals and inevitably enable you to create healthy, long lasting change.

1) Be REAL- Being real and open about your struggles, where you are and where you want to go is key. Basically, you can’t evoke positive change in your life unless you are willing to be honest with yourself and face the truth of it. I had to face MANY things when starting out on my journey. I had to face the fact that my life was swirling out of control. I was living with people who were unhealthy for my MIND and BODY. I was not living the life I knew I deserved. I was a rocking mess (putting it lightly) and my daily routines and habits were in no way conducive to me succeeding as my heart desired to succeed. I was extremely overweight, addicted to food (sweets particularly) and I never took care of my body. I had to BE REAL and face the reality of it. This is probably the most freeing and awesome step you can take because it truly allows you to move forward!
What do you need to be REAL about today? What are the areas you are struggling and desiring to create change in?

2) Be REAListic- now that you are open and have your struggles on the table, this is the next biggest step you can take. Be realistic! No dramatic change will happen overnight. We live in a FAST everything society. Fast food, fast life, convenience, quick this, quick that… it is not realistic to think that deep rooted changes will happen overnight. You will fall, you will have to get up. You will fail, you will have to try again. What matters is that you not give up. Being patient and realistic when setting your goals and creating changes in your daily habits matters.
How are you being unrealistic in setting your goals and trying to change your daily habits? What are you going to do differently to change these patterns?

3)Reinvent – Oh, yes! The next exciting step! So many of us get trapped in a mundane day to day routine simply getting by that we end up in this vicious cycle. We end up unhappy and in no way driven. We find the pounds packing on and our lives just flying by with us barely keeping up. We look back and wonder where time went and what happened to us.
This my friends, is probably one of the most exciting steps. We have to get re-motivated! Reinventing yourself is thrilling! What do you love? What do you want out of life? What are your desires? Goals? Dreams? Hopes? Oh yes. Now, fill in the blanks. By the way, those are the questions for this step. Once you answer your questions it is time to fill in the blanks by doing those things that will bring you steps closer. Do not hold back here! There is no wrong answer. Remember, the bigger you dream, the bigger your life will be!

4) Roadmap – You’ve been real, you’ve faced the reality of your situation. You are being realistic with your goals and daily routine and know that it will not happen overnight. You have started the process of reinventing yourself. Now it is time to create your (VERY IMPORTANT!) roadmap. Most of you would not take a cross country trip without a map, that is, unless you do not care where you end up. Considering this journey you are on, a road map is key.
What are the steps you will take DAILY to end up at your long term goals, hopes and dreams? What needs to change and HOW are you going to go about it? Think about this. Do not rush this part.
Example: If you want to get healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle do you need to walk more? Sleep more? How many hours per night? Do you need to cut down on your weekly social time to make more room for you? The more detailed you are, the quicker you will reach your destination if you follow it.
Now, consider this as well, when you are on a road trip you usually have your map within reach. DO the same for your life roadmap. Keep it close by where you can see it each day. Out of sight, out of mind.

5) Rejoice & reward in your success and pay it forward! I could not have done ANYTHING in my life thus far without The Lords guidance and love. I know this for a fact. I rejoiced in each short term and long term goal reached. I rejoiced as I created new daily routines. I shared my knowledge (and even turned it into a career… who would’ve thought!?) I rewarded myself (not with food!) but with things that would enable me to keep succeeding. Gym memberships, new shoes, healthy foods, workout clothes, books, exercise equipment. Whatever it is for you, it is. Just get out of the habit of rewarding yourself with food. This is a trap that can lead you back into old habits. Remember, out with the old and in with the new!

What are some ways you would like to pay it forward to others once you create a new healthy lifestyle? What are some rewards that you would envision once you reach your goals? Think BIG! Think BIG!

These are just some simple day to day thoughts & questions that will challenge you to truly create the life you deserve. I know you can do this! It is not always easy but it is certainly worth it.
Hands down the most difficult times of my life produced the greatest fruit and the most long lasting change.

Do not run from your struggles. Learn how to use them and embrace them to make you better. I know that may sound crazy to those of you who are just starting out but consider this, you just may be enduring your struggles to create the diamonds of your life. Something to think about.
Here is to YOU and creating those awesome daily habits that will help you SUCCEED!

In health,
Alex and Ashley Poptodorov

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