Step 3 of Proper Goal Setting: Planning Ahead

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So many times in life we plan to fail by failing to plan. It is a tough truth that I had to learn in my life and especially when it came to adapting to my new ‘healthy lifestyle’ and goals. Remember, I started my OWN journey to health at 208 pounds! Just look at the picture below. That was me before & AFTER because I mastered the art of not just thinking about what I wanted, but PLANNING for it!


So many people never taste true success when it comes to reaching their goals simply because they always ‘fire, ready, aim’.

When you plan ahead you do several key things that make reaching your goals so much easier:

  • Eliminate emergencies (for example: food emergencies)
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Constantly have your goals at the forefront of your mind (remember, out of site out of mind)
  • Allow yourself to methodically approach your goals
  • Prevent anxiety or becoming overwhelmed (which makes reaching any goal SO much easier)

This is just to name a few. When you approach your goals with a mindset of thinking them through thoroughly, writing them out (SMART GOALS) and eliminating distractions (OVERSTIMULATION) and then you map out HOW you will make this fit your life, it works wonders.

So now we know what the benefits of planning does to goals.

HOW do you do it? For me, I have several systems that help me to plan ahead including the following:

  1. Use a Planner or Calendar. I find that what gets written out, gets done. I make sure to write each piece of my day down AHEAD of time including when I will be training clients, working myself out, doing devotions etc. You see, I am a goal setting machine and it extends far beyond my health to my own spiritual health and wellbeing as well.
  2. Set alerts! I love to set reminders for myself as to what my particular appointment are, how much time I have allowed for these appointments as well as reminders for my meetings. When I first started my journey, I set reminders for simple things like when to drink water or when to eat! Sometimes we get so busy that if this little reminder doesn’t pop up, it doesn’t get done!
  3. Designate a Meal Prep Day. Each Sunday (or sometimes Monday) I set aside time to bake, broil, steam and cook away! I will be doing more specific posts soon on the ‘members blog’ as to exactly how I prep but for now, just start by carving out time for preparing your food. If I can give you any bit of advice it is this ‘Fit Chicks’ (or dudes!) carry coolers. What you pack for the day (or do not pack for that matter) will determine your level of success in this game.
  4. Engage your F&F. Friends and family play a HUGE role in your success! A part of you planning ahead is preparing them for your journey and how important this is to you. This way, they are all in line with supporting your goals. REMEMBER THIS, the definition of “supporting your journey” doesn’t always mean that your f&f will join on board but they can atleast do their part by supporting your efforts and not sabotaging them. This is a tough truth too that many struggle with. Basically, YOU have to be prepared no matter the surroundings to choose what you will or will not eat or drink.
  5. Be like GUMBY. That is, be FLEXIBLE! Understand that things WILL come up that deter your well thought out goals and plans to reach those goals. Unexpected life events, emergencies and other such things have a way of throwing us off. The key to learning a well balanced healthy lifestyle is to know that you are doing your best to stay on track but do not beat yourself up when you don’t. I have had to learn the flexibility part all too well in my own life.  Running a business, managing my time for my own workouts, preparation, family time, volunteer time etc. means that things happen which are unexpected all the time (insert hair pull!) but you know what? I am rooted in WHO I am and WHY I am doing this. Missing one part of my plan or even several in a week is not enough to throw me off. Get back up, dust yourself off and pick up with the plan!

I hope these things have helped you to think a little more clearly not only about your goals but a well thought out plan to reach those goals! The ability to succeed lies within you!

To begin applying part 3 and taking action click here.

So proud of you all!



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