Keys to Optimal Bone Health: Part Two

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Here are some things that you can begin doing IMMEDIATELY to improve your bone health. Bone degeneration is mostly reversible with an aggressive protocol. Here are some things to be on the lookout for to keep those bones healthy!

What you can do to rebuild your bone health:
1) Heal and seal your GUT! Address any gastrointestinal issues you have.
It is not just about what you eat, it is about what you absorb.
2) Introduce heavy rounds of good quality probiotics.

3) Eat as much organic produce as possible – avoid chemicals, pesticides, herbicides!
Many pesticides today are carcinogenic and endocrine disruptors… leading to damage of the bones.
Look up the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen for a guide as to what produce to purchase organic.
4) Get proper rest: During sleep the body regenerates.
4-5 hours rest a night is NOT ENOUGH. Just because you can ‘function’ with this amount of sleep for long periods of time, your body will become deficient over time.
5) If you take medications – try to take them with food. Many beta blockers and statins can inhibit enzymes. Hormone imbalance is very noticeable with those taking statins and can affect your overall bone health.
6) Go to a specialist and get your hormonal panels checked.
7) Drink good quality organic grass fed WHOLE milk, greek yogurts (organic and grass fed) Whole milk contains all of the fat soluble vitamins and the most nutrition. The good quality helps with absorption.
8) Take Collagen. Many people to do not consume enough. Bone broth from chicken or grass fed cows OR supplement with collagen. Important for gut healing and bone reformation.
9) Vitamin D, D3, E, A, K2, Cod Liver Oil – take these
Calcium, sodium, magnesium in the proper ratios.
Start using unprocessed pink himalayan salt- over 84 trace minerals and helps to balance your potassium/sodium ratio.
Another good way is to do a vegetable juice. You can juice turmeric and ginger or buy the extracts. Not only great for bone health but also balancing your electrolytes.
10) Calcium Lie: it started with a good intention however, when you take mineral calcium from calcium carbonate etc your body stores it does not absorb it! Only a teeny tiny % is absorbed. It will eventually start to deposit as calcification on the arterial walls.
Read the book “The Calcium Lie” by Dr. Robert Thompson
11) Know your body fat and eat enough protein. 1-1.5 grams of protein per lean pound mass of bodyweight. Many people under eat protein.
12) What is in your life that you need to balance and modulate? Watch your stress! Spend more quality time doing activities and trying to balance daily stresses.
13) Avoid being a habitual user of advil, aspirins, ansaids and try to lower your dosage. It creates long term damage to bone health.
14) EXERCISE: Move! Apply medium to heavy resistance. Mechanostimulation. Gardening, swimming, walking does not count towards improving your skeletal health – you need medium to heavy RESISTANCE! Pick up heavy things.
It can greatly retard, stop or reverse osteoporosis.


We hope these tips help YOU maintain or improve your overall bone health. Remember, living a healthy lifestyle is key. What you eat, your stress levels, how active you are etc. all play a KEY role in overall health and longevity.

There is so much in your control!

In health,

Alex & Ashley Poptodorov

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