Keys to Optimal Bone Health: Part One

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Alex and I had the pleasure of presenting our ‘Keys to Optimal Bone Health’ seminar at Whole Foods. We wanted to share our notes with you on the causes of bone health deterioration as well as what you can do to improve your overall bone health. I am breaking these notes up into two parts.

Bones are the biggest storage of calcium in the body. Over time, bone deterioration can lead to things such as osteopenia and osteoporosis, risk of fractures, inability to move eventually and much more. Please see below some of the major factors that play a role in bone health deterioration and make sure to read ‘part two’ of our notes on what you can do to improve overall bone health.

Here are some things that will affect your bone health over time:

1) When you ingest soft drinks (carbonic acid) it pulls calcium, magnesium and others minerals from your thyroid! This hurts your thyroid and bone health.
2) Gluten is a damaging protein that causes inflammation and damages Bone health! It damages the gut lining (gastrointestinal damage) this prevents you from absorbing your vitamins including your calcium, vitamin C and vitamin K.
3) Alcohol does major damage and can hurt bone health. Not only can it cause liver damage but alcohol inhibits proper metabolism of Vitamin K. It prevents clearing estrogen (terrible for women especially.. leading to Osteopenia/Osteoporosis).
4) Birth Control – synthetic estrogens – cause imbalances in calcium reabsorption or detoxification of the liver.
5) Habitual use of antibiotics
*Damages micro biome and can damage gut lining
*Damages the hormonal pathways
*Makes absorption of vitamins and minerals much more difficult
6) Flouride in water (look up Flouride Action Network!)
Aim for reserve osmosis, distilled water or deionized so you know that the fluoride has been removed.
7) Inflammation and oxidative stress – stress is meant to be acute NOT chronic. Body increases cortisol which leaches calcium.
8) High protein diets do not increase acidity in the body. Studies show this is a myth! If you are eating a good quality protein and amount, this is a BETTER thing for your body. Low protein diets over time will eventually cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Small things compounded over a LONG period of time are what cause breakdowns and damage in the body.

Follow up this post by reading Part Two on Bone Health Basics.



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