Healthy Quinoa and Kale salad recipe

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Hello Fitness friends!

Tonight’s blog is one I am pretty excited about, I mean, who doesn’t get pumped up to try new and healthy recipes? I love Quinoa because it is packed with nutrition and is wheat/gluten-free! Delicious too! It is a grain like seed that takes on the flavors of various seasonings quite well! My favorite part of quinoa is that it does not give you that “bloated” full feeling that grains often do.

This recipe is rather quick and takes virtually no time at all in the kitchen. Please keep in mind, once you have your base of quinoa you can start to play with the recipe by adding your own preferred seasonings and veggies.

2 cups Quinoa

3 cups water

(In a medium sauce pan cook over medium heat and once simmering, return to low heat) Cook for about 12-15 minutes until light and fluffy. You can test with a fork to make sure quinoa is fully cooked throughout and there is no water left at the bottom of the pan.


In a separate pan, lightly steam 3-4 cups of Kale. I season with Himalayan salt and pepper.

While your Kale and Quinoa are steaming/cooking, prepare the additional ingredients for salad.

For this particular recipes, I diced up red and yellow pepper, avocado, onion and mixed with lemon juice.

Once the Quinoa is cooked, remove and place in a bowl. Season to taste with Himalayan salt, cracked pepper, lemon juice. I also added just a “tad” of Mexican seasoning for an extra kick. Lastly, top with your additional ingredients and mix well. Add in steamed kale and mix.

Some people prefer “cold” salad and others like it warm/hot. Tonight I served it warm but the flavors will settle in nicely if you leave in the fridge overnight.

Once you are familiar with  preparing quinoa you can add in various additions to make it different every time.

My next round in the kitchen I will be playing with “Breakfast Quinoa”….! MMMM! Stay tuned!

Please enjoy this recipe and stay tuned for more to come!

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