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Welcome to the A+A Blog. We love helping you live your healthiest life. 

Stress is something that we all have to battle daily in our lives. How we handle these stressors will determine our overall health and wellbeing. Alex and I are owners of A+A Wellness: Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle right here in East Cobb/Marietta, GA and offer our ‘Health Talks’ biweekly at Whole Foods Merchants Walk. Join us for our next seminar or visit for more info. 

Here are the notes from our session tonight. 

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Alex & Ashley Poptodorov




You physically have control of what you do day to day to create a ‘system’ that counteracts the negative effects of CHRONIC STRESS in your life.

Here are some things to consider doing:

A) Seal and HEAL Your GUT: 80% of your serotonin is produced in your gut! 80% of your Immune producing cells are in your gut! YOUR GUT MATTERS.
How to do it: Stop eating gluten, grains & high processed starch & sugar. Wheat is damaging to your gut lining.
Invest in a good quality probiotic in the billions and take daily.

Eat more healthy foods such as artichokes, sweet potatoes, leafy greens and various veggies help to feed the GOOD bacteria in your gut.

Your brain and your gut are in constant connection. They are finding that the healthy gut bacteria communicate with your brain through various expressions.
(This is where the saying comes from: You can’t have happy thoughts on a sour stomach)

B) Exercise: This increases ‘feel good’ endorphins and motion creates emotion! Increased blood flow leads to overall feelings of wellbeing. Get up, get out and get ACTIVE!

C)  Fix Your Adrenals: If you are adrenally exhausted you will gravitate towards sugary foods and caffeine. This puts you in a vicious cycle of cortisol spikes and wreaks havoc on your gut and body overall.

D) Change Your ‘Perception’ of Stress: You may endure the same situation as someone else while you break down and someone else is ok. If you perceive stress in a positive way, you will be so much better off than someone who perceives in a negative way. You can train yourself to perceive stress in a positive way.

Always question your thoughts when trying to change your perception. Choose to NOT believe every thought that crosses your mind. Analyze this and ask yourself: Is this true?

E) Perceive a Threat as a ‘Challenge’ Instead: ‘Annoying coworker’ or someone mean. Be kind. Be nice. Let it pass. Face it head on. Use it as a challenge to positively change your perception!
Ask yourself: Will this matter in a month or a year?

F) Increase Your Perceived Sense of Control: It is your ‘perceived’ sense of control that matters.
Focus on that which you have influence over!

Behavior is LEARNED!

G) Creative Solutions: Who are people you can turn to for help should you ever need it? Friends/family? Create a trusted circle of people who can help you balance the stresses in your life.

Just like trying to succeed at anything, it takes time! Keep making small changes over a period of time and you will succeed and balancing the stresses of your life is one of THE most crucial places you can start


  1. Your body will heal itself if you let it.
    Remove the stressors and aggressors and add in the raw material for success.
  2. The foundation of health is fresh water, clean air & healthy foods.

10 Foods That Help With Stress: 

  • Turkey
  • Leafy Greens
  • Ferments
  • Plain Kefir
  • Organic Wild Blueberries
  • Raw Pistachios (not roasted!)
  • Dark Chocolate (only good quality artesian brands 80% or above)
  • Raw Nuts and Seeds (Brazil nuts are great! Lots of selenium)
  • Avocado (good fatty acids and very healing to the gut)
  • Vitamin D3 from foods such as pastured egg yolks and cod liver oil


We hope you enjoyed these notes on balancing the stress in your life! Alex and I love educating you on health! If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can help you live your healthiest life, contact us at



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