6 Things Standing Between You and Your Goals

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goal_settingHow many times have you set a goal only to find that it got shuffled under a pile of ‘to do’s” or worse yet, that you completely forgot it all together? Even worse yet, what if you feel like you are in daily of pursuance of a goal that you can never reach? These 6 things are common areas that may be tripping you up.

For EACH of these things, there will be an ‘Inner Circle Members’ post on how to combat each of these areas in detail.

  1. You are not setting goals at all. So many people “think” about what they want to achieve or accomplish without ever really defining it or setting the goal. When you set a long term goal, it makes it easier to focus on and break down into manageable ‘bite size’ pieces. Your well defined goals are like a road map. If you do not have goals, it is like trying to take a cross country trip with no road map.
  2. You are an overstimulation station. Yes, you read that right. Overstimulation is one of the GREATEST deterrents to reaching a goal. With all of the information, articles, materials and products out there, it is easy to get caught up in ‘overstimulation’. Before you know it, you have your hands in multiple fruit bowls *wink* without ever accomplishing anything.
  3. You ready, fire, aim! This ties in pretty closely with #2 in the sense that you do not plan. Many years ago I had a fantastic business advisor that told me the goal in life (and business or health) is to prepare with laser focus. This analogy of “ready, fire, aim” stuck with me ever since. The goal is to be diligent and focused in your planning and nothing is more important then when you are tackling your healthy lifestyle goals.
  4. You are doing the right things… the wrong way. This is an area that I see SO many people trip up as a fitness professional. They do the right things in the wrong way or when it comes to nutrition, they do things the right way but with the wrong amounts, timing etc. You see, your body responds very specifically and it is SO important to do the right things.. the right way so that you can achieve the RIGHT results!
  5. You have the wrong support network. I am sure you have heard of the saying ‘you are who you hang out with’ and nothing has ever proven more true than this when you are setting out to create healthy lifestyle habits. When you surround yourself with friends or people who do not support your efforts or your goals, your chances of success greatly diminish. The key is to create a supportive network around you that support your goals and help to hold you accountable with positive reinforcements and encouragement.
  6. You are your own worst enemy. NOTHING will crush your goals (in a bad way) faster than negative self talk or self sabotage. You have to master the art of being patient with yourself and encouraging yourself. Sometimes we look ALL around us for people to motivate us but nothing will ever do this like YOU can when you are PATIENT and POSITIVE with yourself. Things like your self talk matter greatly and sometimes, it is you who is standing in your own way.

I hope these 6 things have encouraged you to think a little bit more in depth about your goals and what it is you really want for your life! These are simple fixes that with time, effort and patience.. can be achieved and before you know it, you will be a GOAL CRUSHING (in a good way!) machine.

I have created a series of Inner Circle blog posts with ‘take action’ items for our Members to teach you step by step HOW to properly set goals and exactly what to do in each of these 6 areas. To learn more CLICK HERE.

*How to Set Proper Long Term and Short Term Goals

*Preventing Overstimulation

*Planning Ahead

*Doing the Right Things the Right Way

*How to Create a Positive Support Network

*Becoming Your Own Best Friend

In health,

Alex & Ashley


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