Top 5 terrible ingredients that can sabotage your goals and health!

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Hello friends!

Alex and I are so excited to help YOU live your healthiest life! In creating our upcoming blog post schedule we felt it was important to start with INGREDIENTS! We are going to keep this blog simple, informative and packed FULL of practical useful information. After all, living a healthy lifestyle should not be rocket science!

Many people are left scratching their heads when reading ingredients. In fact, MANY people do not even read ingredients! You have no idea what you are ingesting and how toxic it can be to your body. So, with this being said we wanted to post on the top 5 terrible ingredients to avoid! There will be more but lets start simple!

1) High Fructose Corn Syrup (they started using Beet sugar because it sounds healthy but it is bad too!!) Your body processes this differently than cane sugar. It contains more fructose than sugar and converts to fat more easily, which can cause weight gain! AHHH! Stay away!

2) Hydrogenated Oil (also labeled as Trans Fat) –  The food industry uses it because it’s inexpensive and increases shelf life of products, so companies can increase their profits. Eating this trans fat increases the bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body and is bad for your heart.

3) Refined Sugars–  When you introduce sugar into your system, you experience a sugar high that rapidly raises your blood sugar levels. So two hours later, you crash, feeling tired and empty. Sugar that is naturally combined with fat or fiber sources, like in fresh fruits, will absorb into your body much slower, helping you avoid the roller-coaster sugar ride and giving you a healthy balanced energy throughout the day.

4) Artificial Sweeteners– (BLUE, YELLOW, PINK PACKETS- JUST SAY NO!!) These are neurotoxins which have been linked to diabetes, weight gain, Alzheimer’s and many other terrible things. Opt for nature made sweeteners such as Stevia!

5) Bromated/bleached flours– Void of nutrients, very high glycemic and bromine is toxic to the body. Opt for organic sprouted grains instead.

There you have it, top 5 ingredients to avoid! There will be more awesome posts to come but Alex and I encourage you to stick to the basics, if you are unsure of an ingredient or you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably not the best to eat! Aim to eat whole foods and plenty of fresh veggies! Remember, your body is a machine and food is fuel!

In health,

Alex and Ashley

Your healthy lifestyle educators



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