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Really… think about this. Why is it that we bombard ourselves with excuses and sabotage our goals that mean so much to us? I am going to challenge you today to think “outside of the box” and really reflect on your health and what it is you want.

I can’t even begin to tell you the myriad of excuses I have heard throughout my years as a Fitness Professional. Many times, these excuses are ROAD BLOCKS that will prevent people from EVER being able to achieve what it is they want. You see, if you want your BODY to respond, you must get your MIND on board!

The GREAT news is that you CAN turn your thinking around to work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU!

Now, in the beginning, most people do not even realize they are making so many excuses. Often times, it becomes SO ingrained in us, that naturally “derailing” ourselves goes unnoticed! What are some of the MOST common excuses? I want to highlight these so that you can pinpoint whether or not you may be using these to “self sabotage” without even knowing it!

**Time! Everyone mentions this. In fact, timing IS an issue (we all have to budget our time!!) but what and HOW you think about your health will allow you to make the necessary allowances for your time. If you start to hold your HEALTH with the same level of priority you do your APPOINTMENTS, work etc. you will MAKE THE TIME. It becomes a part of WHO you are and what you do, get it?

** The dreaded “I can’t because” …. any time you start a sentence with “I can’t” you are setting yourself up to NOT do something, before you even try, you are telling yourself WHY it is not possible!! Make sense? What and HOW you speak to yourself (especially regarding your goals!) is KEY! Start out by saying “I know I can because” OR “Even though I am unable to do a push up now, I know I will be able to after I start a regular exercise routine”

** I don’t have the ENERGY! WOW!! But guess what HEALTHY LIVING does? It GIVES you the energy! Instead of focusing on what you DO NOT have in this case, try switching it around to say “I value my health and desire more energy. I know that exercise and clean eating will help me increase my energy so I am going to do it!” Just look at that. Instead of starting out with a NEGATIVE you are acknowledging the “lack thereof” but also acknowledging and REAFFIRMING what it is you need to do to reach your desired outcome!

I am sure at this point you are getting the BIG picture. EXCUSES are naturally LIMITING and NEGATIVE. The more we make, the quicker we get on the fast track to FAILING at our goals. It is tough, I know, but true.

The key is to really think about your health and your GOALS. I just did a whole blog post not long ago that went IN DEPTH on goal setting. Once you have your goals thought out, written out and POSTED you will have a better idea of what it is you want.

The NEXT step is to be very (VERY!) aware of your thoughts and what/how you say things. Start to be an EXCUSE SQUASHER and if you find yourself making one, back up and start over! You can always do REDO’s! In fact, when you start out in pursuit of your healthy lifestyle, you will have struggles. However, this is where YOU GET STRONGER! Start to become so aware of your thoughts that you actually START TO THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK them! Did you know that we are so used to not being present that we are not even fully aware of how LIMITING our self talk is?

I hope I have given you some insight into EXCUSES and how badly they can wreak havoc on your goals!!
If you really value your health AND your goals, you will find a way. Oh, this reminds me “I know… but…” NO! There is no “but”…  if you want it, you will make the necessary allowance of time and positive “thought space” to make it happen!


In health,

Ashley Poptodorova


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