Practical ways to live the “healthy life” for you and your family!

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Hello fitness fans and friends! 🙂
As always, it is such a pleasure to be back here blogging for you. I will keep this post short and sweet. I would like to offer up some practical ways to make wise nutritional choices for yourself and your family.

How many times has “eating healthy” left you scratching your head? What do you do? Where do you even begin? This road can be so daunting and task paved at times. There are so many offers, products, gimmicks and food choices being marketed and thrown at us DAILY. It can overwhelm anyone.

For starters, I would suggest taking an assessment of what your goals for your health are. Knowing in detail those things you desire to attain with your health will keep you focused and driven to make wise choices consistently! Remember, being consistent and persistent in this journey are key.

Below are some of my proven (used them with clients many times) ways to make smart nutritional choices in your household. Enjoy and be sure to let me know if you have any questions! 😉

1) Start small. So many people feel like they have to overhaul their lifestyle overnight. Really understanding yourself on this journey is KEY. If you are the type that can quit anything cold turkey with success, great! However, you are few and far between.
Most people give up and get easily dejected if they don’t ease into it!
One of the TOP reasons for people giving up is that they become overwhelmed. Today, I encourage you to start slowly and really look at making LONG term LIFESTYLE changes. Pace yourself for SUCCESS.

2) WRITE YOUR GOALS. This is one of THE biggest factors that contributes to the success of any program but especially your life. Alex and I are constantly encouraging our clients to write their goals, dreams and aspirations. Want to do a pull up? Write it! Want to change your life through changing your food? Write it! You get the picture. That which gets written, often gets done.
Next, post your goals where you can easily see them! On the fridge, in the car, bathroom mirror. These are places you frequent. Make sure your goals are written.

3) One of the most difficult things I encounter is parents looking to create healthy lifestyle changes throughout their family. Do not worry, you are not alone in this. However, one of the BIGGEST things you can do to ensure success is number one, DO IT yourself. Your family almost always follows your lead.
Secondly, INVOLVE the family. Anything laid down as law is often repelled and not received well. Involve the spouse and children by asking for suggestions and getting them excited about their health.
Let everyone pick their favorite recipes to try each night of the week. Each night, a different family member gets to “reveal” their healthy meal, what they substituted etc. YOU can create the greatest impact by making them a part of this journey instead of INSISTING they do it. 🙂

4) Patience is a virtue. We live in a society that wants it NOW. Like, yesterday! We must rid ourselves of the quick approach and understand that creating a healthy lifestyle in such an unhealthy world, takes time.
Encourage your family to do the best they can and if they mess up, guess what? It is OK!
Pick up, dust off and keep going.

Above all, remember, YOU are all you have. To be healthy, optimal and full of energy for your family, you NEED your health. Encourage each other daily and above all, enjoy the journey!

Blessings and health,
Alex and Ashley Poptodorov
A+A Wellness

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