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Goal Setting. Two simple words that pack a lot of meaning. How many of us KNOW about goal setting (we think about it) but rarely put it into practice?
I could safely say that would be the majority of people. Today, I want to go in depth on GOAL SETTING FOR SUCCESS. YOU have the ability to reach your goals if you take the proper steps beyond just “thinking” about them.
My hopes is that by the end of this post you will be so EXCITED to ignite your inner GOAL SETTING ABILITY!

Have you ever stopped to think about how important goal setting really is? Each day MANY thoughts cross our minds including things we wish for, desire and “want”. However, most of these things are but a thought. We rush about in our daily pursuits and never really stop to evaluate and go beyond the thinking.

Our thoughts, desires and wishes can tell us much about ourselves but if we are too rushed or negligent with these thoughts they are in danger of being abandoned for the next thing that steals our attention. I encourage you to take some serious time to not only read this post, but to do the follow up homework as well. Sitting in a quiet environment alone with your thoughts and pen, is key.

The first most important component to goal setting is to sit down and WRITE OUT everything that you wish for, hope for and want to strive for. WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS. If you are new at this, which I am sure many of you are, do not be too difficult on yourself. This is not about perfection, this is about learning what you want and creating a plan to GET THERE. Perfectionism in goal setting can lead nowhere.

When I do this, I like to categorize my thoughts by personal goals, professional goals and spiritual goals. After you’ve got various thoughts written within each of these categories (or any categories you prefer to use) then it is time to create even SMARTER goals.

Take each goal and break it down into the following:

smart (smarter) goal setting


*Specific- this allows you to clearly VISUALIZE what it is you want.
*Measurable- How can you track or measure the progress you are making? Perhaps have an accountability parter who measures you etc. (thinking fitness)
*Agreed- make sure that these goals are agreed upon by YOU. It is key to understand that goal setting according to what someone else wants for you, will never lead to real success. You must be setting goals that you agree to and deeply desire to reach.
*Realistic- break your goals down into smaller SHORT term goals and be realistic. Take myself for instance, I once weighed 208 pounds. If I said “I want to lose 80 pounds by next month” it is safe to say this would be an unrealistic goal. However, by saying: Ok- my long term goal is to lose 80 pounds. I want to lose 2 pounds per week, would be considered a more realistic short term goal.
*Time bound. Make sure you give yourself daily “check ins” that are time bound. Weekly, monthly etc and then try to have a date (make sure it is REALISTIC) for your long term goal. Remember, as you go- YOU CAN ADJUST!!
*Ethical- Goes without saying. Be ethical with yourself during this process.
*Recorded- record EVERYTHING! Have a journal and record your progress and any additional info.

Now that you have formulated your thoughts on paper, categorized and fine tuned them, it is time for the next crucial component to goal setting.

MAKING THEM VISIBLE! When I was on my journey to losing 80 pounds, I had my goals typed up and I kept these in several places. On the bathroom mirror, fridge, car and a copy in my bag. I was not messing around! ;) Goals have to be read daily and VISIBLE otherwise, what is the point?
Have you ever heard of the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? You never want your goals out of sight.

As you progress towards reaching your goals friends, things will come up. Things may not always go as planned. Goals can be tweaked and adjusted frequently.
Just know that your goals are like a “road map” if you will. You can take a wrong turn but if you do, you will have the map to show you how to get back on track.

Friends, GOAL SETTING and ACCOUNTABILITY are key. All too often we get caught up in just mindlessly going about our days. Goal setting is a way for you to SEE and VERBALIZE exactly what you want! :)

I encourage you to start thinking and planning out your goals today! Follow the steps above and stick to it. A well defined goal is a great catalyst to helping YOU ACHIEVE!

If you have any questions we are always here!
In health.
Alex and Ashley Poptodorov

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    Your post is encouraging,thank God for your life.GOD bless you.

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