What you can expect from our NEW BLOG! :)

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Hello friends!

Alex and I are SO excited about this BRAND NEW Blog! We have such a big vision for helping others and using our God-given knowledge to do so. I wanted to just update you quickly on what you can expect from our blog. We will be posting so much great information here! Our hopes is to create a hub where MANY people can come and gain knowledge on health and wellness. We will focus our efforts on several things: Nutritional Wellness, Fitness Wellness tips, Overall Wellness and delicious clean eating (healthy!) recipes. Please do us a BIG favor. Click the FOLLOW button and sign up via email. Your email will never be shared. Please share the love as well by introducing this blog to your friends and family.

We will aim to post between 4-8 blogs per month (just depends on the month!) and we also welcome topic suggestions, questions, Guest bloggers and more. So… get ready. This blog is going to ROCK! I thank you ALL for your support and please help us by SHARING starting…… NOW! 😉

Blessings and health,

Alex and Ashley Poptodorov

A+A Wellness

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  1. Janet  June 2, 2013

    Keep stepping out there! We need you! I can hardly wait to see where we go from here! God Bless You Both!

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