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I have been working with Alex and Ashley for almost a year now. When I first started training with them I weighed 170 pounds with 18% body fat, as of last week I’m currently 190pounds with only 13% body fat! I came to them with the goal of losing fat and gaining muscle and they’ve helped me achieve just that. They constructed a custom meal plan and supplement protocol that fit my needs. Could not be happier with my progress and with A+A Wellness!


Elizabeth M.

I am 42 and have struggled my entire adult life with weight loss and certainly not for a lack of trying! A and A wellness was ‘my last resort’ if this didn’t work I vowed to love me as I am. Thankfully, in just 10 weeks I have lost 15% body fat!!! Their complete wellness approach works and I have never felt better. It’s hard work but worth it and Team Ashley and Alex truly want to see me succeed. I finally feel like I have the nutrition and fitness tools to win!


Kris M.

With the help of this dynamic duo, I was able to stop taking a type II diabetes drug, (I am still on insulin – at a lower dosage) by providing me with a workout and a nutrition regimen combined with inspiring Facebook and Instagram messages.


Heather F.

When looking for a trainer, bc I’ve had many I decided to go one step above degrees and experience. I knew I needed someone with extreme passion. It’s more then personal coaching and training with Alex and Ashley. They go above and beyond your investment in your health they make it become their goals as well. It’s past that personal touch it’s true commitment to seeing you reach past your goals. I would refer this power couple. They truly care about you and results driven plans that will help you go further then you ever imagined


Aria F.

Ashley and Alex are the real deal. When I met them I was overweight and unhappy. All the things I tried just werent working. Alex provided me the tools and knowledge to not only drop weight but to achieve health and vitality! Ashley showed me that I am a lot stronger than I ever could have imagined. I went from 37% body fat to 23% body fat! They have never once made me feel bad for making poor choices…they are always there with encouragement. If you are ready to change your life, look no further. A and A Wellness will help you.


Brittany L.

Having Ashley train me has been so helpful! Having her near by when I’m working out is great because she is filled with so much knowledge on fitness and nutrition that she is excited to share! I definitely wouldn’t have made the progress I’ve made without her. Ashley is amazing and really cares about my progress and health! I’ve had other trainers in the past, but no others have shown the care and knowledge that she does. She’s the best in Atlanta!


Nicole U.

Ashley is the first trainer I’ve ever used. She is dedicated and always available to provide encouragement and support – not just during training sessions. Those times when I have a nutritional question or am in danger of a unhealthy food binge she is responsive and provides the positive encouragement needed. With her knowledge, steady encouragement and skill at motivating me through workouts I’ve lost 18% body fat! I definitely could not be moving forward in my journey to lasting health without her! Thank you Ashley!!!!


Lauren D.

I’ve battled my weight since I was 5. After finally having my eyes opened to so much more to my health other than being overweight, a friend recommended Ashley. I appreciated how she too was at one point in her life at the same dark place I was. It made my experience with her so much more personal. Ashley is an incredible trainer, she worked within my limitations and encouraged me even when I wasn’t working face to face with her. Before working with Ashley, I struggled to lose just 2 pounds. Halfway through our sessions, I found the weight melting off. She’s incredibly supportive, inspiring and motivating. The best thing I did for myself was reaching out to her. I will forever feel grateful for Ashley changing my life.


Rashawne C.

A and A Wellness is beyond amazing. I’ve never met more genuine caring people. They’ve helped me to get stronger physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually. They started out as trainers but quickly became family. They took me in at a time when I was broken, struggling and so unhappy with my weight. They helped me meet goals not only in weight loss but in life. I don’t know what I would do without them


Danny M.

I love working out with Ashley! She is so full of spunk and so motivating it’s impossible to not sweat and get a good work out every time. I recommend her to all my friends interested in changing their lifestyle and learning what it take to truly be well and healthy.


Debbie L.

Working with Ashley & Alex is such a great experience!! The knowledge between them doubles the knowledge and workout!! I’ve learned to eat clean and learned about so many things about the foods we eat. My being educated on it helped in my journey with them. I have lost 25lbs. and have maintained my weight for over a year. If it wasn’t for them I would still be UNHEALTHY!! I can’t imagine not having a great experience with A & A Wellness. If you do then there is something wrong with you or your life. So glad I’m with A&A Wellness!! 🙂

Vikki D.

I could not be happier with Ashley and Alex. First off, Alex put me on a nutrition plan specific to my needs. Now I will let you know that I am a VERY picky eater so when I told him I hate eggs, hated protein powder, couldn’t do tomatoes, didn’t like many types of fish, ect… I was amazed to find how many other options he had to suggest! He showed me that there are SO many things I can eat, that I did not think I would be able to, with just really simple changes on how I prepared them and the quality of the food I buy.
As for Ashley, she is the BEST! I have had so many medical issues this past year including problems with a herniated disk and stomach problems leading to severe heartburn, cramping and eventually having my gallbladder removed. I missed months at a time of workouts because of those issues but she stuck by me for almost a year and has adjusted my workouts so that I can still get great results without hurting my back again. Also, she is so creative with her workouts and SUPER FUN work out with.
Because of my exercise and nutritional plan I am happy to say that I no longer have any heartburn, bloating, stomach problems or back issues. I feel great! As a bonus, I am down a pants size and looking better every week.
Thank you SO much Ashley and Alex, you have really changed my life. I love you guys!


Margaret S.

Ashley and Alex I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH!! We met Ashley and Alex in November of last year. They were so patient and encouraging. I would drag and moan about having to work out in the beginning. They were so patient with me, instead of being harsh or mean. I physically did not have the energy due to a medical issue. By February I made the decision to physically and emotionally put everything in. I took all of their recommendations and ran with it. I went for my physical yesterday and was given positive remarks from my Dr about everything my Husband and I are doing with a+a wellness.
I have lost 16 pounds of fat and gained 8 pounds of lean muscle. Without there help there was no way I could have done this by myself. I tried a trainer last year before my wedding; instead of leaning up I was just getting bulky. I go back and look at pictures and could cry. I look at pictures now and I am so excited, and feel so good.
The thing that sticks out most about my journey with A+A is every time I would take a step back, they were always there by my side encouraging me to take two steps forward.
I can not recommend A+A enough to my friends, or anyone who asks what have I been doing.
Thank you Ashley and Alex for being on this exciting journey with us!

Carli M.

I met Ashley (and Alex) 7 years ago in my journey to “get fit”….having always been naturally lean and athletic I didn’t know the first thing about diet or exercise! I lifted my very first weight with the two of them and was educated beyond measure about eating clean!! At the time my children were very young and had to tag along for my workouts, they were so adorable with the boys and even let them “workout” on some of the fun equipment. Ashley and Alex are two of the most educated, enthusiastic, and nicest people I have ever worked with in the fitness industry. I would recommend their services to ANYONE looking to better their health and lifestyle!!! Tampa’s loss was certainly Atlanta’s gain!


Gina P.

Over the course of a year Ashley has trained me, brought my agility to another level and has helped me maximize my nutrition! I was in a rut after my move to East Cobb and need an extra push to get a jump start so I decided to train with her. She has pushed me to do things that I never thought I could do. The agility sessions has helped me with my tennis game! I am currently undefeated and so proud to say that! The best part is, is she always changing things up to keep your body guessing! She also gives great health tips and easy recipes! I have made a strong connection with Ashley and would highly recommend her to anyone!


Rohan S.

I was sitting in my dining room on June 5, 2015 with nothing on but a pair of teenage mutant ninja turtle’s boxers and kaki shorts. Just a few minutes prior I had taken my very first progress picture. All of my life I have struggled with weight and always wished I could find the magic pill that would give me chisled abs. After finally picking up the phone and  talking to Alex Poptodorov on the phone for an hour in late May I realized this dream was very possible. After 2.5 months of clean and healthy meeting, in other words I reached all  of my macro(carbs, proteins, fats) counts without exceeding them in addition to all the nutrients I received from the Poptodorov recommended supplements and all the cardio and weightlifting programs I took my final progress picture on august 20th. That was the happiest day of my life.

I thought it would be tough to communicate with Alex via text, email, and phone calls but boy was I wrong! In just a matter of few months I went from eating french fries and justifying they were “good” for me(since potato is a healthy starch…) to knowing exactly which foods, on any particular day,  will be entering by body the night before. Alex took the responsibility of educating me in nutrition and wellness to the point where I could be certified in the subject. But that is not all, he would even do the little things. Check in to see how I was feeling or indulge me with compliments and positive encouragement. On July 22, 2014 I weighed 256 pounds. 11 months later I had managed by myself to shed off 25 pounds. It sounds like a great accomplishment but I was still discontent and that is because I still looked nothing like the underwear models. Bottom line, I was still unhappy. After calling Alex, implementing his protocols, and becoming good friends with him I dropped 26 more pounds to reach 199 pounds, was more fit than I have ever been in my life, and most importantly I learned, through clean eating, supplements, and exercise) how to live life stress-free.

I know what you are thinking. NO, I am still not eligible to be an underwear model, but I am damn close. This summer taught me the meaning of “it is not a diet, its a lifestyle”. It is hard and painful to implement but Alex guides you through it and before you know it youll be reaching for the stars.


I am writing this testimony because Ashley and Alex legitimately have the secrets to making you a happier, and healthier human being and there is no one out there that does it better than them. When you are ready for a positive change in your life, give A&A Wellness a call. It will be the best decision you ever make.


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