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Building a Strong Mind so You Can Build a Strong Body: 5 Classic Signs of Weak Thinking and How to Fix It.

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For those who know me, you know I love the fit and healthy life. I love eating clean, pushing myself in the gym and I pretty much live and breath the healthy lifestyle. For almost 12 years I have been blessed to help Coach people to health & wellbeing alongside my husband I and have seen countless lives changed through A+A Wellness. We ...

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My tips for staying motivated to lose 80 pounds! If you struggle with motivation, this post is for YOU!

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Hello friends and fellow fitness buffs!

Today’s blog post is one that I know firsthand is extremely important! When I started on my journey to health (I lost 80 pounds!!) I needed as much motivation as possible. Almost instinctively, I started to employ techniques that helped me to gain long-term motivation to be ...

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